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Telerobotic applications

Combine human dexterity with robotic precision for optimal productivity!


The nuclear applications are at the origin of the haptic technology of Haption. In the nuclear field, the idea of controlling robots remotely appeared very early in the 1950s, for the obvious need of protecting human operators from radiations and contamination.


The industrial issues that lead to the use of telerobotics also arise in the field of academic research, often with greater acuteness. In addition, academic research is clearing areas that give rise to new uses and new requirements for telerobotics.

Clean environments

In some industries, it is not the processes that are dangerous for humans, but on the contrary, humans who threaten the processes. These industries use clean rooms with increasingly higher classes. Telerobotics solutions make it possible to reduce human presence without sacrificing the quality of operations.

Dangerous environments

Hazardous environments for humans are not limited to the nuclear industry. In many industrial sectors, operators risk their health and even their lives every day. However, many activities could be carried out remotely thanks to telerobotics.

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