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Virtuose 6D TAO

Fforce-feedback manipulator dedicated to telerobotics

The Virtuose 6D TAO is a derived version of the Virtuose 6D RV haptic device, adapted specifically for the robotic and teleoperation markets. It is equipped with an extra button box, an ergonomic handle and uses the EtherCAT communication protocol.

The Virtuose 6D TAO benefits from the technological excellence and the extreme robustness of the Virtuose 6D RV, and is specially adapted to the needs of remote handling applications: bilateral control in Cartesian space, one hand and two hands usage, heavy objects handling,  3D simulation for training and mission planning.

This force-feedback manipulator was developed in collaboration with our customers, to answer to the needs of teleoperation and remote handling applications. The Virtuose 6D TAO devices have proven their robustness with unmatched field experience for haptic devices. They already count several thousand hours of operation and keep proving their reliability in the long run by being used on a daily basis for telerobotic operations and processes.

More dedicated to piloting small robots such as the Kinova Gen3 or the Universal Robot UR3e and UR5e, the Virtuose 6D TAO has great transparency which provides the operator with a very precise force-feedback.

The Virtuose 6D TAO is also compatible with our range of software solutions, which allow you to directly use the device in CAD software to perform assembly simulation and in 3D game engines to generate even more realistic immersive experiences.

Maximum force (translation) 35 N
Continuous force (translation) 10 N
Maximum torque (rotation) 5 N.m
Continuous torque (rotation) 1.4 N.m
Maximum control stiffness translation 2000N/m
Maximum control stiffness torque 40 N.m/rad


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