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Kinova Gen3

Haption’s hardware products can be used to control Kinova Gen3 remotely, in an intuitive manner. The operators are removed from the dangerous zone and still keep their dexterity through the force-feedback manipulator. Thanks to the force-feedback, they are able to monitor the force applied by the Kinova Gen3 to its environment, thus reducing the risk of damage.



  • Bilateral control with force-feedback
  • Clutching in translation and rotation
  • Adjustable base rotation
  • Adjustable force and movement scaling
  • Weight compensation of the Gen3
  • Redundancy management
  • Smooth transition between control modes
  • High level of safety with dead-man switch
  • Multi-lingual Graphical User Interface

Beside our hardware products, we provide software modules and technical expertise for the implementation of telerobotic applications.

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